Presentations by Lindsay Grace
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Taboo Game Design Presentation by Lindsay Grace Taboo Game Design October 2010: Meaningful Play, Michigan, USA Meaningful Play Panel: A few heuristics on what makes taboo game design and how to avoid it
Teaching Meaning Presentation by Lindsay Grace Teaching Meaning October 2010:
Meaningful Play, Michigan, USA
Meaningful Play Panel: 7 Heuristics from 7 years of teaching meaningful play game design
Critiqing Software Presentatation by Lindsay Grace Critiquing Software Interactions April 2010:
28th ACM Conference on Human Factors (CHI), Georgia, USA
Exposing the invisible effects of software on problem solving processes
Games as Teachers Lindsay Grace Games as Teachers

November 2009: IDMAA,
Indiana, USA

Summary of research on the Game as Pedagogic Resources (informs Critical Gameplay ), IDMAa 7th Annual Conference
Critical Gameplay Presentation IDMAA Critical Gameplay November 2009:
IDMAA, Indiana, USA
Critical Gameplay - design concept and overview of practice, IDMAa 7th annual conference
Polyglot Cubed Presentation Lindsay Grace Polyglot Cubed October 2009:
Athens, Greece
Polyglot Cubed, Design, International Conference on Advancements in Computer Entertainment
  gReader: A Device Independent Email System February 2009:
Cozumel, Mexico
Summary of research on the design, development and implementation of a device independent email system.
  Polyglot [Cubed] October 2008 Poster from game demonstration of polyglot [cubed] game.
  The Sound of Music Janaury2008:
Chicago, IL
An overview of Douglas Kahns Sound of Music. The paper, presented as an excerpt from Nose,Water,Meat discusses the tradition of Western Music and its distinction from Sound [handouts - 69k]
  Independent Game Development Workshop November 2007:
University of Illinois, Chicago, IL
An introduction to the process and tools used in programming independent video games. [596kb]
  The Myth of Immateriality November 2007 An overview of Christiane Pauls' The Myth of Immateriality. The paper discusses the challenges of presenting new media work in traditional gallery spaces. [pdf 2.8mb]
  Simulacra Simulation November, 2007 An introduction to Jean Baudrillard's philosophy and its relationship to commercial arts and fine art work. Presented for a seminar in subculture [pdf 1.8 mb].
  Conversations October 2007,handout An overview of my new media art project involving 3D incorporating spatial audio collage and video game graphics [677.kb].[handout]